Vibrant City with 11 Unis

Bucaramanga is a vibrant, growing city that is one of the success stories of Latin America.

An International Choir event at the UISThe city is expanding rapidly, and you can see it, apartments and shopping malls are shooting up everywhere. This means there are always new restaurants, bars and clubs opening.

Bucaramanga is a student city with 11 universities and numerous schools and colleges. This gives the city a young and hip feel as the streets and social scene are full of students with their strong social identities. We also have “La UIS” La Universidad Industrial de Santander, one of (if not the) best public university in Colombia. They often have interesting events and expositions at the University and there are a number of musical groups in town who formed at the UIS.

Green Corridor

Bucaramanga has always been a successful city with strong finances, now it seems the money is being invested in good things. The Centro Cultural del Oriente is Colombia’s largest national monument and its recent renovation is one of a number of interesting projects going on in the city.

Other highlights include a massive water park Acualago which opened in 2015. There are 15 attractions, a slow river, water-skiing and restaurants all set in one of the newly renovated parks in the city. screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-22-26-58
The El Santismo is one of Bucaramanga’s newest tourist attractions.  Its “Christ the Redeemer” statue is bigger than Rio de Janeiro’s and is accessed by taking a cable car ride with stunning views over the city.