Travelling from Colombia to Venezuela

Travelling from Colombia to Venezuela is something that our guests have been asking us about a lot recently at hostel Kasa Guane.

There isn’t much recent information to be found on-line about the journey and after recently (July 2014) travelling from Bucaramanga to Cucuta and then on to San Antonio in Venezuela I thought it would be useful to share the details.

Cucuta border Colombia

The trip started with a taxi from hostel Kasa Guane to El Parque del Agua (Diagonal 32 # 30A-51) which cost the minimum fare, $4,800 COP. Small and medium sized buses leave from here to Cucuta every 30 minutes and cost $35,000 COP for the 6 hour journey. Larger buses leave from the main bus terminal in Bucaramanga but take longer to leave the city.

The bus takes a road with stunning views on the way to the first main stop, the town of Pamplona. After leaving Pamplona the bus heads for its final destination, Cucuta on the border with Venezuela.

I left Bucaramanga at 1pm and arrived at the bus terminal in Cucuta at 7 pm. As soon as I got off the bus lots of people were pressuring me to change money with them or take extremely expensive taxis to go to the border. I took my time and walked around the numerous money exchange offices asking the rates on offer to get a good idea before I changed the cash. I changed $100,000 COP for 3,600 Bolivares (July 2014) and took a bus from the downstairs level of the bus terminal to the border that cost $1,400 COP.

The bus took around 45 minutes and I got off at the entrance to the big bridge which is the actual border. To the left hand side (as you face the bridge) you will see the Migracion Colombia office and the offices of the DIAN (Colombian tax office). Go to the Migracion Colombia office to get your Colombian exit passport stamp (No charge).

You can then either cross the bridge on foot or pay $5,000 COP max for a moto-taxi to take you across. The most important thing to note here is that the office for the Venezuelan Migracion (where you need to go to get your Venezuelan entry passport stamp) is NOT on the bridge as you cross into Venezuela.

The office is around 4 blocks to the right after crossing the bridge and  If you get a moto-taxi across the bridge make sure they take you all the way to the Venezuelan Migracion office.

I paid 500 Bolivares for one night in a double hotel room with air conditioning and 20 Bolivares for a bottle of beer in a shop. Products such a sun cream were also much cheaper than in Colombia.

When leaving Venuzuela there is a small exit tax of around 100 Bolivares or less. This is paid at the office literally opposite the Venuzuelan Migracion office in San Antonio before getting my exit stamp.

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