Santi with his fishAs you would expect for a young vibrant city packed with students there are loads of sports to get involved with.

Bucaramanga is the Colombian home of paragliding, and you can learn to fly with Colombia Paragliding at our sister hostel in Ruitoque. An hour away in the Chica Mocha Canon you can rock climb outdoors in La Mojarra. There are also two indoor training walls in the city.



We love playing football and organise 5 or 8 a side games at least twice a week and often take guests from the hostel to play too. We have had some great “international all-stars” teams. There is an open air Olympic size public pool available for those who like a swim and in late 2013 Acualago will be opening. This is one of Santader’s mega-projects and will be one of the biggest water parks in South America.

The Department is famous for cycling and there are “Ciclo-vias” usually the last Thursday of the month when hundreds of cyclists meet up and head round the city at night, it is great fun and a great place to meet people.

Fishing is another hostel favourite and we can lend you rods. There are a couple of stocked lakes nearby or we could organise an overnight trip to a remote spot for some river fishing.

Horse riding

There is horse-riding through beautiful scenery at Ruitoque half an hour from the hostel. There are also a number of free open air gyms in the city which were opened in 2013. There are really popular with the locals and are perfect to work out and socialise at the same time.

For the more serious fitness enthusiast there are many fully equipped gyms just a few blocks from the hostel offering classes such as yoga and rumba. For any nutritional supplements check out who will deliver to Kasa Guane completely free in only 24 to 48 hours.

If the timing is right, you could also treat yourself to a football match, just three blocks from the hostel is the Alfonso López Stadium the home of Atlético Bucaramanga, that play in the country’s top league. Observe the passion of the fans of “Los Leopardos”  ‘The Leopards’ as the fans bounce up and down in unison to their passionate chants.

A typical match in a prime location wbucaramanga-footballill cost 40,000 COP and tickets should be purchased in advance from one of the larger sports stores around the city. Ask at reception for assistance.