Safest City in Colombia?

Safest city in Colombia, you ask? Bucaramanga has maintained a reputation of being the safest city in Colombia.

It’s smaller and historically benign to the problems associated with drug cartels as cities like Medellin and Cali. We feel much more relaxed walking around Bucaramanga than other big Colombian cities.


Park for a Walk in the Safest City in Colombia

It’s growing fast and has the lowest levels of unemployment in the country, but the safest city in Colombia has kept the green spaces and parks that gave it the nickname the beautiful city.

Bike Riding in the Safest City in Colombia

There are numerous local government initiatives to look after and improve public spaces, the environment, and keep it known as the safest city in Colombia. The city promotes the use of bicycles with regular ‘ciclopaseos’- public bike rides where huge groups ride the organized route as the roads are closed to let the bikes through.


3 Tourists Enjoy Bucaramanga City


They have also introduced a new, city wide, recycling policy and are developing a large corridor of unused green space into a nature reserve with cycle routes. There are also huge civil engineering projects, bridges and tunnels, underway to alleviate the traffic that peaks at rush hour. We are really proud of the way that our city is maintaining and developing its positive reputation as a green place to live.