Parks and Museums

Bucaramanga is known as “the City of Parks” (Ciudad de los Parques) or “the Beautiful City” (La Ciudad Bontia).

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The largest park is La Flora, in the mornings it is full of the healthy folk having a jog through the large trees and tropical beds. The rest of the city is full of small parks, perfect to stop for a juice or simply watch life pass by for a while.


It is not only the number of parks which make the city pretty but also the fact that almost all the streets are  bordered with trees or green spaces between the road and the houses. It is a great city to explore on foot because of the wide pavements and greenery.

The city does not have one singular stand out large museum but it has a number of smaller interesting ones.  A couple of our favourites are the Museum of Modern Art (Museo de Arte Moderno) which has a beautiful interior garden, and the Casas de Simon Bolivar which is set in a wonderful old colonial building and has an exhibition which includes indigenous Guane artefacts, Heros of Santander and the Colonial history of Colombia.

casa simon bolivar



A not to miss for museum lovers is the Guane museum which is located in the one horse town of Guane, down the road from Barrichara where the road ends. Each group is given an individual tour by the curator who is knowledgeable and passionate about the indigenous Guane culture.