Colombia Paragliding is one of the original schools in Colombia and Bucaramanga is known as one of the world’s-best paragliding locations.


Colombia Paragliding Flying out of Ritoque with a view of Bucaramanga

The perfect weather all year round makes Bucaramanga one of the best destinations for Paragliding in Colombia and the world. The wind and climate conditions allow or flying all throughout the year suiting beginners and experienced flyers.


Colombia Paragliding Two Pilots at Dusk in Bucaramanga

Richi runs Colombia Paragliding a flying school he set up when he came back from years of teaching in Alaska. He and Russell are the primary teachers at the bilingual flying school in Ruitoque, around 25 mins from Kasa Guane Hostel.

The flying school is based in Kasa Guane’s sister hostel called The Nest, perched next to the take-off site with amazing panoramic views to the city below.

If you need any more information about the paragliding course contact us at Kasa Guane Hostel.


Check out Richi and the gang’s amazing HD video flying Chicamocha Canon.