Paragliding Details & Pricing

We can arrange your tandem flights with transport from Kasa Guane hostel. Here is how it works;

The best time to fly is in the afternoon from around 2 pm until around 5pm. For groups of more than 2 people there is a van that does pick ups from Kasa Guane to the fly site which is around 20 minutes drive away.

The price of the pickup is $10,000 cop per person for the door to door return trip. If the van isn’t available or there aren’t any other people going to fly we can call you a taxi which will cost around $15,000 cop each way. or you can take 2 buses to which cost $1700 each.

The prices of the tandem flights, which include insurance, are;

10 mins: $50,000 cop

20 mins: $90,000 cop

30 mins: $120,000 cop