Miniature Golf In Parque de la Flora Bucaramanga, Colombia

Kasa Guane had a great free afternoon out on Monday, playing Miniature Golf In Parque de la Flora, Bucaramanga.

Parque de la flora Bucaramanga Colombia


There are 9 mini-golf holes dotted around the wilds of the best park in Bucaramanga, Colombia located on the Calle 56 with Kr 36.

Entrance Parque de la flora Bucaramanga Colombia

After seeing the holes every time we went down to the park we decided it was finally time to grab the clubs we have in hostel Kasa Guane and head down for a round.

Mini Golf Bucaramanga Colombia


The opening hours of the park are 4 am to 4 pm but they start asking people to leave around 3:30 pm so make sure you get there fairly early to finish your game. Depending on your group size it should take a maximum of 2 hours to finish the round.

Golf Bucaramanga


And the tienda just outside the park is perfect for that post game beer while you’re totaling up the scores. And just to be clear, anyone who gets a whole in one around the course has to buy a round of beers for everyone else 🙂

Beer In shop after golf

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