the Hostel

Kasa Guane Hostel is set in a large, newly renovated, three story house with clean spacious rooms and large social areas.

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The terrace bar gets busy on weekends with guests and local friends enjoying a cocktail or a cold  beer and warming up before heading out into the city together.

It is  a great place to make friends with other guests or the warm people of Bucaramanga. We have fairly regular live music events, check out our YouTube channel to see videos of some of the nights we’ve put on.

The first floor has reception, open 24 hours a day, and a six bed dorm along with a big, fully equipped, communal kitchen and a separate dining room. We have lockers, a fridge with a ridiculous selection of ice cold drinks and all the snacks and munchies you could want.

On the second floor of the hostel there are 4 private rooms, two with en suite bathrooms, a 6 bed dorm with balcony, an 8 bed dorm and 2 spacious bathrooms with hot water.

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On the third floor is our TV room with cable TV and free to use desktop computers. Out on the terrace there is a free pool table and a lounge area with a stereo for your MP3 player. Every weekend we have a cocktail bar and local friends round. You can also help yourself to herbs from our terrace garden, the only rule is that you have to share whatever you’re cooking with us!

Come and check out Colombia’s most exciting new  city destination and let us show  you why Bucaramanga is a backpackers paradise yet to be discovered!