the Facilities

In the hostel we offer a wide range of services and facilities.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful service and want to give you the best and most up to date information of what’s going on in and around the city to help you get the most out of your stay in Bucaramanga.

From great night life to stunning countryside, Bucaramanga offers a lot of different opportunities for travellers and the best bit is hardly anyone knows about it.

If you’re hot and bothered from the coast or needing some warmth after freezing in Bogota? Bucaramanga’s weather is a steady and perfect 28C just about every day of the year. The city is relaxed, modern, safe and really booming in terms of it’s growth and economy.

Many travelers realize Bucaramanga is an excellent place to slow down, freshen up, and even earn real cash as English teachers for a few months with demand for true native teachers being so high, and locals with more than the ability to pay for lessons.


Overview of Kasa Guane Hostel services and facilities.


24 Hour Reception

24-hour-recepOur reception is staffed with friendly bilingual locals and open every hour, every day, year round. You can come and go at anytime of the night or day knowing that there will be a friendly face to let you in. We are the only backpackers hostel in Bucaramanga but that doesn’t mean we take it for granted. We pride oursleves on going out of our way to help you get the most out of your stay with us. Our reception staff have all the up to date information on what’s going on in the city and can’t wait to share it with you. 



Free Internet

We know how annoying slow internet can be so we have installed Hi-speed Wi Fi in the whole  of Kasa Guane Hostel. With the latest “Break Wall” appliance, wherever you are in the property you’re always getting a good connection. And its free, like it should be. 



Fully Equipped Kitchen

kitchenOur Fully equipped kitchen is important to us. We love to cook and we know that a lot of our guests do too so make the most of our 6 hob cooker and proper oven and well stocked kitchen. We also have all the extras, juice makers, coffee machine, salt and pepper and the all important good quality pots and pans. Please just clean up after whatever delicious delights you create. We love to eat together and enjoy the open air of the terrace while sharing different foods from all over the world.




Cable TV

hd-tvWe have Direct Cable TV with all the sports channels on our spacious 3rd floor terrace so you’ll never have to miss a game. Oh, and to one of our favourite rooms for those who have just met and need some quiet time together to catch up all the latest music, travel alerts, practice their Spanish with subtitles, and even watch some saucy old-but-and-funky movies from TCM, one of our privates is hooked up too. 




Laundry Service

laundry-serviceOur laundry service is good value and we make sure your clothes come back smelling fresh as a daisy. Whites get washed with the whites. Colours get washed with the colours, and the rest of the rough stuff gets washed together. Dried to perfection and folded with skill resulting in a look like new. If they were wrapped in plastic, we would be calling ourselves the Hilton Hostel Kasa Guane. Pretty close. We know those little things add to a better stay at Hostel Kasa Guane.




Free Stuff – here come the freebies

Free Stuff available at Kasa Guane Hostel Colombia

Free pool table, Free coffee 24 hours, Free lockers, Free towels and Free linen. Don’t say we never give you anything. We will try not to give you a free mojito because you will want more. They are delicious. People have stayed weeks longer just for the Mojitos.



Dance Lessons

Why not shake away those dance nerves and take a Colombian dance lesson?  We offer classes in Salsa, Pachanga, Boogaloo and more. Learn with friend of the hostel and professional instructor Martin Gabo from Dance School Ritmo Chango either on our terrace if you’re feeling shy, or at his school 5 minutes from the hostel.




Film Club

Direct Cable TV available at Kasa Guane Hostel Colombia iconIt’s Sunday night and you’ve had a long weekend either partying until the small hours in town or hiking some of the miles beautiful routes just outside the city. Kasa Guane film nights are just right for when you need an evening off and a place to chill. 



Conversation Club

Conversational English

Come and mix with locals from the city at one of our Language and cultural interchange nights. We have regular conversations clubs where you can grab a beer and practice your English or Spanish while making new friends from the city of our 3rd floor terrace. The majority of young to mature professionals in Bucaramanga are extremely polite, educated, and they lack the opportunity to practice their English with real native speakers. Great fun, and you will make some real friends.



Paragliding Colombia

Paragliding ColombiaGet involved with one of Bucaramanga’s main attractions and go flying! We offer Paragliding, tandem flights and full pilot’s courses at our own school with bilingual certified instructors. So whether it’s a 10 minute tandem taster flight or you want to get your license and fly solo we’re the right people to get you flying safely tomorrow.




Cocktail Bar

We do the best Mojitos in the world.Mojito Cocktails

Every Friday and Saturday the bar offers great value drinks and a cool place to mix with other travellers and locals while listening to good tunes, playing pool, or just watching the big screen TV. Friends from the city, of all ages and professions, come along for after work drinks or to warm up before going on to somewhere else. The Bar shuts strictly at 12.00 as primarily we are a hostel. But when the music stops don’t worry we’ll be heading out as a group.




Book Exchange

Book ExchangeTake a book, leave a book you know how it works. We’re not stressing too much about what your book is just enjoy them. One man’s (and woman’s) trash is another man’s or woman’s treasure. Look for something different to read and get those creative juices flowing while you stay with us, or just to keep your mind occupied while you chill on the terrace.





Popcorn bucket for movie nights at Kasa Guane Hostel Colombia

We’ve got snacks and drinks for you any time of the day or night. We also have the best lasagne in town ready meal style if you’re missing that home staple you can get it here. We can also help you get all kinds of deliveries from booze to burgers, anything can be delivered here. 






Discounts and Promotions

Discounts for Kasa Guane Hostel Colombia Guests

We go out of our way to get you regular discounts in local spots. Anything and anywhere we can. Ask at reception for what deals are going down in town. Our Bucaramanga City Guide (coming very shortly) is where you can find out more about this. Even you are in one of the most affordable cities in Colombia, we still have ways to get you an even better deal.







Travel and Visa Assistance

Kasa Guane Hostel Colombia assisting with visa extensions for our guests iconAs backpackers who came to live in Bucaramanga we have had our fair share of contact with the visa people. The immigration service in Bucaramanga is professional and helpful when it comes to issuing visas. The Bucaramanga visa office are relaxed and seem to love giving our guests 3 month tourist visa extensions. First time requires a finger print and takes 20 minutes. Further extensions take less time and we rarely find a queue there. All in all a great hassle and queue free place to extend your visa.  



Apart from that,

we will help you with anything we can at

the Kasa Guane Hostel Colombia.

Enjoy, feel free, have fun, be sensible, respect local laws, help all of us expatriates in Bucaramanga to be examples of the coolest and calmest visitors Colombian people have ever seen. That is the way we do it, and that is why our standing in the city is so good. There is a lot going on in this city and we see a prosperous future. You are welcome to join.

This gives our Kasa Guane Hostel Colombia a certain level of respect in the community.

And that flows on to you being treated so well as you enjoy the city.

We have a lot going on, as we build an alternative option for expatriates in Bucaramanga. A place to love, learn and possibly earn.

Keep your ear to the ground.


In the meantime…