Day Trips

Walking at Montefiore is one of our favourite day trips and only a short bus/taxi ride away from the hostel. Montiefiore is a great place to get out of the city and enjoy the stunning surroundings of Bucaramanga.

The well signposted trail is part paved and takes around 2 hours (1.5 back down), with beautiful views. Perfect for day trips from the hostel.



Signpost on the trail of one of our day trips to Montefiore Bucaramanga

Beautiful View on one of our day trips outside Bucaramanga

At the top of the trail you will come to a ‘castle’, said to be built by a ‘narco’ or drug dealer as a private party retreat years ago. He is now long gone and has been replaced by people enjoying day trips and a much friendlier family that run the place as a hotel/ restaurant. Here you can get anything from cold beer to a full meal and they will usually let you use their outdoor pool for free.

The Castle we saw on one of our day trips to Montefiore

The surrounding area is a protected nature with over 60 different bird species and if you’re lucky you may see one of the 35 different mammal species (including monkeys, speckled bears and even pumas).

Keep walking past the castle for around 10 minutes further into the nature reserve to find beautiful waterfalls.

Swimming Pool to use on day trips to Montefiore Bucaramanga


How to get there

Bus– times – Take the bus to Floridablanca (will say limoncito on the sign at the front) – every 10 mins-  around 2100 COP each way.

Taxi– price – We can call you a taxi from the hostel it will cost around $12,000 each way.


Opening Hours

Open all the time but best to set off reasonably earlier to make the most of your time in the reserve.


Cost– No entrance fee, only pay transport costs.



  • Make sure you leave to come back down by 4 pm to ensure you’re not getting lost in the dark.
  • If you’re getting tired of walking at any point ‘hitch’ a lift from a passing local.