Cultural Events

As well as growing in size, Bucaramanga is growing in terms of the amount of cultural events that are on offer.

As well as places that hold regular art exhibitions, cinema clubs and theatre like the La Casa del Libro Total there are also regular one off cultural events in parks and other public spaces in the city. Here are some of our favourite places to get involved with the local culture;


Casa del Libro total -A modern cultural centre set in a beautifully restored old building in the centre of town. Loads going on:  Art exhibitions; live music; poetry; plays and workshops.  They give you a good guided tour and pick up a poster of one of the current pieces of art on display. It’s all FREE.



En Medio D– a cool new gallery and outdoor café in Cabecera. Regular art and photography exhibition and again it’s FREE.




Simon Bolivar Museum –  set in a beautiful old house where bolivar lived for around 70 days during his fight against the Spanish. There is a good exhibition on the history of Colombia and Santander and another focussing on the history of the Guano people. Definitely worth checking out when you’re in the centro.

How to get there: It’s really close to the Casa de Libro Total so you can visit both places in the same day.


Museo de Arte Moderno – just of the Carrera 27 they have works of art on display by both local and national artists. There are regular craft markets and early morning yoga classes (ask at reception for more info) in the beautiful garden there which is a nice place to chill and get away from the buzz of the city.



Centro Cultural del Oriente–  an interesting restoration project that was completed recently in the centre of the city. A combination of significant investment from government and private companies has brought back to life what is actually the largest patrimonial building in the country. The beautiful building is used for a number of different things from salsa classes to art exhibitions and live music.


There are many other annual or one off cultural events happening regularly across the city. We’ve enjoyed Salsa, Cumbia and other traditional music in the amphitheater at the Parque de la Concha Acustico. Colombian Hip Hop at the stadium in the velodrome and Parque San Pio hosted the Abrapalabra literature and circus skills events. There are also annual festivals of Jazz, Blues and Salsa and the Ferias ( City wide cultural events and parties) in September are not to be missed.

The huge exhibition center CENFAIR holds regular events from everything to agricultural shows to fashion. We are always looking out for information on whats happening in and around Bucaramanga call us at the hostel or check our Facebook to see what’s going when you are planning on staying. We love to help engage people with the local culture as much as possible and want you to get the most out of your stay with us.