The view of Bucaramanga from Ritoque Colombia

Bucaramanga, Colombia- Think Medellin before it became full of hostels and backpackers.

The ‘beautiful city’ of Bucaramanga has a perfect climate and is a place to party with the locals at some of the best clubs in the country.

Bucaramanga means great food, stunning surroundings, a place where the proud locals are happy to share a bottle of Aguadiente and want to show you why Bucaramanga is booming. Capital of one of the most beautiful departments, gateway to Cocuy, Chicamocha National Park, Venezuela and home of Colombias best organic coffee and Cigars.

Bucaramanga is the capital city of the Department of Santander and is known as ‘the beautiful city’ and ‘the city of parks’. It is a young vibrant and safe city with 10 universities and an average temperature of between 24-28C all year round.

The population of the total metropolitan area, which includes Giron, Floridablanca, and Piedecuesta is over 1,000,000. As well as being known as the cleanest city in Colombia, Bucaramanga also has the lowest unemployment rate and highest growth of any city in the country.

Fruit for Sale in Bucaramanga Colombia

Bucaramanga is a booming city with a big student population and loads of places to get involved with the local culture! There are regular music concerts, cinema clubs, art exhibitions, plays, workshops, dance classes, food markets and festivals. Treat yourself to a stay in one of the success stories of Latin America.

Chicamocha Canyon just outside Bucaramanga

Surrounding the city there are a number of beautiful sites. The Canon de Chicamocha is one of the biggest tourist destinations of the country. On the way is La Mesa de Los Santos – the flat area of mountains to the South of the city, here the are many treats such as: the finca of the best organic coffee in Colombia, a wine vineyard, the Mercado Campesino, La Huerta Organica and rock climbing at La Mojarra. At the hostel we can provide you information on any of these things and we do regular tours to these destinations from the hostel.