Best Weather in Colombia

A Beautiful Morning Example of the Best Weather in Colombia

Bucaramanga has some of the best weather in Colombia

Ask anyone who knows about the climate in Bucaramanga and they’re likely to reply with something along the lines of ‘perfecto’. In terms of weather in Colombia it doesn’t get much better than this.

The sun shines most days and the temperature is pretty constant all year round at about 27 degrees in the day. The  beautiful weather, some say the best weather in Colombia, was one of the main reasons for Tim and Milo wanting to live in Bucaramanga.

View from Ritouque Over Bucaramanga and the Best Weather in Colombia

The altitude of around 1200 and close proximity to the Chicamocha canyon means that  we really do have amazing weather here. Nice fresh mornings building up to highs of around 28c around mid-day and early afternoon. At about 3 or 4pm it starts to cool off and cool breezes arrive from the canyon to take the edge out of the heat of the day. When it does rain in Bucaramanga it is usually at night so you can still enjoy the outdoor lifestyle the city offers.

Bucaramanga Evening View and the Best Weather in Colombia

These pictures were taken all year round in Bucaramanga. For many more photos check out the gallery