Bars Clubs and Outdoor Festivals

Bucaramanga has some of the best nightlife in the country and there are a lot of different places to party.

053People usually go out fairly early here ( around 8 or 9 pm) and most places close by about 3am. There are a few places that go on until sunrise. Here are some of our favourite places to party in and around Bucaramanga;


The whole are between the calle 48 and the calle 52 with carreras 34 up to carrera 38 is full of different bars and clubs. This is one of the more lively areas with a younger crowd and bars playing music you’ll hear back home. Some of the better places are;



Dash Tienda


Play Shots



Around Parque de Las Palmas

Just off the Carrera 33 is a nice spot to have a bit more of a pub style drink. It’s less hectic than the area around Dash and the crowd is a bit older but it’s still a good place to party with the locals.

Saxo Pub


Mo’s Bar



The Zona Rosa

From the Calle 36 to…………  this is where you’ll find a more traditional Colombian night out. Lots of salsa, vallenato and merengue, there are some great spots like;

Calison –

Salsa y Bembe –

I love New York,-

University Area around La Uis University

A good place to drink through the week is around the bars near to La UIS University. There are loads of different bars to choose from, the only real difference being the music they play.

The the beers is cheap and these bars are usually packed with students. Who better to practice your Spanish with than tipsy students.



An area of the city around 20 minutes’ drive from Kasa Guane.  In the daytime they fly here but at the weekends there are 2 big nightclubs with stunning views of the city. A taxi there will cost around $18,000 but there are usually groups going up from the hostel to share the cost.



Gilligans-  has regular electronic music parties and a swimming pool. Not the cheapest but legendary parties.

Mister Badillos- next to the fly site hostel this place is popular and stays open till late.



Outfoor Festivals

The last couple of years have seen a rise in the number of outdoor festivals and raves on offer in and around Bucaramanga. We had the European style LEA Festival which was a huge success with Colombian group Bomba Estereo headlining.

There have also been day festivals at the cloud forest of El Carajo and the first 3 day festival with camping is planned for the Mesa de Los Santos in September.

Fans of Drum and Bass and Dubstep can also get there fix at the bi-weekly raves that are put on in Fincas or farmhouses close to the city. As always we have all the information you need on the nest places to party in Bucaramanga.