About Us

tim, milo and richi of kasaguane hostel bucaramanga, colombia

About Kasa Guane, the story so far…..

Kasa Guane Backpackers Hostel was opened by Richi Mantilla in August 2008 and is Bucaramanga’s first and friendliest backpacker’s hostel.

Mates Milo and Tim first met  Richi when staying as guests in Kasa Guane in 2008. After a combined 2 years travelling in Colombia they chose Bucaramanga as the place they wanted to live.

In 2011 they came back to Bucaramanga to team up with local legend, paragliding instructor and Kasa Guane founder, Richi, to help out with the growing number of international backpackers and Colombian travellers arriving in the City.

Partnering with Richi for their first year from October 2011, Milo and Tim look after the daily running of Hostel Kasa Guane.

Richi still remains a hugely important member of the Kasa Guane team but is currently lecturing in schools and universities about his experiences after returning from fulfilling his life long dream of travelling across South America on a motorbike.


Positive Tourism

Please take a minute to have a look at the volunteering options available through us from the Volunteer tab on the main menu.

At Kasa Guane Hostel we strongly believe in personal service.


As travellers ourselves, we understand the importance of a little care and comfort. We are more than happy to help with whatever you need, whether booking a flight, a suggestion on what to do tonight, or those more complicated issues, such as extending your visa.

We have been here for a couple of years. Our experience and knowledge is open to you.

There is nothing like reading positive feedback and testimonials on our own website and traveler websites. It is what keeps us going each day.

Come and check out Colombia’s most laid back and fun city destination and let us show you why Bucaramanga is a backpackers paradise waiting to be discovered. 

Happy travels

Milo, Tim and Richi