A Trip to La Mesa de Los Santos, Santander

On Sunday we took a trip to La Mesa de Los Santos, Santander, Colombia.

We called the Colombia Paragliding van and set off in a group of 14 to check out what was going on at the Mercado Campesino (farmer’s market) on the road to the town of Los Santos.

Cañon Chicamocha View Colombia


The road runs along the side of the Chicamocha Canyon, one of Colombia’s newest national parks, a huge scar in the earth that runs for kilometers between Bucaramanga and San Gil. La Mesa de Los Santos literally means The Table of the Saints or Gods in Spanish and standing on the edge of the canyon, looking down at the clouds you can understand why.

Mercado Campesino Mesa de Los Santos Colombia


Omar from Beer Krug had organised a free concert by friends of Kasa Guane, Tickets del Metro.  They are an up coming pair of electronic music producers from Bucaramanga who are creating some really nice chilled sounds with various different machines and effects.

After driving up into the Chicamocha Canyon for just over an hour we arrived at the packed Mercardo Campesino. There are a loads of stalls selling everything from traditional Colombian food and drinks to hand made goods and crafts.

Maiz Arepa Mercado Campesino Mesa de Los Santos Colombia

We had a good look around the market, trying the different products on offer and taking in the traditional ‘Ranchera’ band that was playing. After filling our bellies it was time to quench our thirsts too so we heading to Omar’s bar to try out some of his traditional German beer.


After a couple of glasses of cold Pilz, Tickets del Metro were all set up and ready to play. Starting with some really nice chilled beats and rolling bass they played an awesome set, enjoyed by everyone, while watching the sun set over the Canyon and the huge lake next door.

Live Music Mesa de Los Santos Bucaramanga


We hopped back on the bus just after dark to head back into the city after a great day enjoying the countryside and culture on offer in this beautiful part of the world.

Party Mesa de Los Santos Colombia


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