A Place to Learn

Bucaramanga is already considered to be a place to learn among Colombians. Students from across the country and overseas come here to attend the 11 universities and technical colleges spread across the city.

As a place to learn the Industrial University of Santander (La UIS) is the most renowned public institute and the UNAB the most prestigious private.

La UIS University Campus a Place to Learn in Bucaramanga

The things that make Bucaramanga a great place to live also make it a great place to learn ; the warm climate, modern facilities, manageable size and good quality of life available here.

At Kasa Guane we are building on the strong reputation and history of the city as a place to learn by offering our guests the opportunity to come to Bucaramanga as a base and a place to learn. Be productive, meet people and really get to know the country by getting involved in one of the many learning opportunities we offer in the hostel.


Wouldn’t it be great to go home with something on your CV that showed that you achieved things in your time travelling?  Here are some of the ways that we can help you to enrich your experience of Colombia;

Learn Spanish- Bucaramanga is a place to learn Spanish fast. We can organise group or private classes at competitive prices if you want to learn in the hostel. If you want more formal classes we can link you up with one of the high standard language institutes in town.

Flyer of Ritmo Chango Salsa School Bucaramanga

Learn Salsa- We have regular classes on the terrace of the hostel with our friend Martin from local salsa school Ritmo Chango. Bucaramanga also has clubs such as Calison and the Hotel Chicamocha where you can go and practice your new steps with the locals until the sun comes up.

A Place to Learn Rock Climbing

Learn to Rock climb – There are 2 good quality indoor bouldering walls close to the hostel and the spectacular outdoor spot, La Mojarra on the Mesa de los Santos an hour away. Our good friends Richi and Alexa have a great place up there and Richi gives classes with all equipment provided. Check out their blog for prices and more information http://refugiolaroca.blogspot.com. They’ve had pro climbers visit and leave in awe of the site and there are over 100 routes of all levels of ability and a full 1 km of rock face that’s waiting to be bolted.


Learn to Paraglide with Colombia Paragliding, Bucaramanga is one of the best places in the world to fly. Richi, the original founder of Kasa Guane, is a certified, bilingual instructor who has taught over 300 students in 7 years. The flying school is based in Kasa Guane’s sister hostel called The Nest, perched next to the take-off site with amazing panoramic views to the city below. The licence takes around 2 weeks and allows you to fly solo around the world.